Top 3 Bets To Make On A Soccer Match

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport to play and to watch. That also means it’s the most popular sport for people to bet on. If you want to bet on a soccer match, you might be looking for different ways to bet. Here are the top three bets you can make on soccer.

Money line bet

The money line bet is a straight bet on the score of the game. It’s also referred to as a match outcome bet. You essentially are placing your bet that Team A will beat Team B. You can do modifications of this bet, such as not only predicting which team will win but what the score will be.


Another popular soccer bet is the over-under bet. In this bet, you are betting on what the total goals of the game will be. For example, the line might be set at three goals, so you are betting on whether the teams will score more or fewer goals combined than that. You also can modify this bet and do an over-under bet on each team and how many goals it will score.

Point spread

A third popular soccer bet is the point spread. In this bet, you bet on how much a team will beat another team by. For example, if the line is one goal, then you would be betting that a team will win by more than that, or you can bet against the team that it won’t win by more than a goal. There are plenty of soccer betting options out there to keep your interest and make watching games more fun.

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